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Shadows of Heaven: The Faithfulness of Dogs

[Repost from 4/6/2006] Every morning I do the same thing: I get home from work, put on a pot of coffee, grab my bible, and step out onto my back patio to read the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the date. Every morning my dachshund Lucy does the same thing: she comes down the stairs, greets me, wags her tail violently, and lays down by the back glass door to watch me while I read my morning Proverb.

Lucy is a very affectionate dog. She loves attention from anyone and is quick to jump and to lie on the lap of whoever is sitting down, whether he is willing or not. She spreads her doggy love to everyone in the room without discrimination (even if they say she’s fat) and is quite content on being the center of attention, that is, until I step out of the house onto the back patio. Suddenly it is as if everyone else in the room disappears and I am the only one left. She quietly moves over to the door, positions herself at the best angle to watch me, lies down, and lets out an occasional whimper.

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