On the Blog Again

Picture it: Raleigh, Spring 2006: I am a single guy in a condo shared with three single guys, Xanga is at the center of the social blogging sphere, and I, D. Matthew Brown, am churning out blog posts based upon the semi-pious theological meanderings of my mind / heart on a semi-daily basis. Fastforward to now, Raleigh, Fall 2008: I still reside at said condo (minus three single guys, plus one married woman), Xanga is a shadow of its former greatness eclipsed now by the “new” Facebook, and now I, Mr. D. Matthew Brown, am remembering a time long forgotten in a world that has changed so quickly that I can scarcely keep up. Amid all the change and flux, that which has not changed stands out all the more–God’s glorious word. Millions of people every day pour their entire being into countless things that will, like Xanga, be obsolete in a couple of years. What justification is there for pursuing these ever-changing monotonous endeavors? A paycheck? The thrill of the moment? A time filler? This blog is a resurrection of that 2006 online recognition of the timelessness of God’s Word and a declaration that there is no other endeavor worthy of endeavoring upon. Henceforth I endeavor @ blog.xpistou.com.

Categories: Miscellanies

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