On the Church, Introduction, Part I

Perhaps one of the more difficult things, and indeed unexpected things, in my marriage has been getting involved in a particular “church.” Since getting married early last year, the wife and I have attended regularly two “churches” (one at the beginning of our marriage, the other in the latter months) on Sunday all the while not acknowledging those “churches” at any other point in the week. We had rather flippantly begun the membership process (which by God’s providence was never completed) at the latter “church” across the street from our home simply because of its proximity and lack of heterodoxy, which, in retrospect, seem not to be the two most important factors when joining a “church.” And now again, the wife and I find ourselves on the brink of making the ever important decision of joining a particular “church” and finds ourselves a bit more sober-minded this time around.

Before taking the plunge of “church” membership, I have decided that before we join the aforementioned “church” that I would evaluate first the Bible’s picture of the church and then place that picture against our present picture of the “church” (which my present opinion you might have ascertained by the ridiculous amount of quotation marks). I will share my thoughts with you here, so stayed tuned.

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