On the Church, Ib. The Church as the Called

In a previous post, we took a look at the origin of the Greek word for church, ekklesia, and noted that the word is a compound word meaning, “Those who have been called out.” This defintion being at the core of the church is significant because it makes the church at its core a personal and living entity rather than impersonal and lifeless one. Each member that composes the body of the Church has been chosen specifically by God before the foundation of the world and singled out in this life by his call through the Holy Spirit.

The question that we must ask ourselves at present is, “Does our present misdefinition of the church as the building with a steeple affect how the genuine church functions?” Or another way, “Do you think that our regarding the church as a building rather than the people who God has called to himself affects relationships within the church? I think that it must, for how much strife would vanish and how much more regard would we have for the each person in the church if we regarded each of them as particularly called by God? I think the impact would be profound indeed.

Let me offer this challenge to you this week: You know that person who is a member of your local body of believers who gets under your skin with his personality, who teaches something that you know is unbiblical, who looks at you funny, who voted against your proposed chair color at the last business meeting?—this week, instead of murmuring and talking about that person behind his back, look at that person as one who was called by God to be exactly where he is now. How will your attitude toward him change now that you look at him not as “that guy at church” but as “him who was chosen and called by God”?

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