Rap: The Cadence of the New Reformation

For those who know me well, you know that it takes a lot to get me excited, and I am excited. Friday morning of this past week while driving to work, I listened to Lecrae’s new album Rebel for this first time. I could not stop smiling, and I barely held back the tears that were fighting to flood over my eyelids. “I praise you, Lord, for I have seen the root of your Revival!” is a more poetic semblance of the prayer of my heart when I first heard those Christ-saturated lyrics. Oh, and it is Rap.

Now I am even more convinced that a revival is upon us, because, unbeknownst to me, there is, as a friend informed me, a significant movement of this music. I am still fairly ignorant of the greater scope of this movement, and I presently only have two new albums that I am listening to as often as I can: Rebel by Lecrae and The Atonement by Shai Linne. I have been extremely blessed, convicted, edified, and challenged thus far, and I am sure that you would be as well, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you.

As for the genre, I would challenge you to place aside your presuppositions if you are skeptical. Yes, the world has used the genre to laud the most heinous, wicked, and despicable acts and lifestyles that the world knows, but if Christ can cause tax collectors and prostitutes to turn and repent to the praise of his glorious grace, he can certainly turn a type of music around for his name’s sake. As for the merits of the genre itself, it, unlike any other, has the high potential to be prophetic. And when I say, “prophetic,” do not think of the term’s misuse but of its biblical use, i.e. the bold and unabashed proclamation of God’s Word and his will. If you listen to any one song of the aforementioned artists, you will understand what I am talking about.

I would also encourage you to embrace this movement and to pray that God will flood our nation and its inner-cities with this glorious music. A new Reformation is upon us; don’t miss out on God’s work.

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  1. Well Matt, I'm glad you've had a moment of revelation.


  2. Sarcasm, is that you?


  3. thank you for this post. we share a similar passion to support these artists. every since i learned of flame, he has been a great blessing to me and my walk with the Lord. folks like lecrae and flame challenge me but they also encourage me to go hard for living my life for Christ.

    not sure if you've heard of him, but you can check him out at flame314.com or myspace.com/flame314


  4. Indeed, the lyrical limitation existing in more "musical" genres are cast aside in rap, which enables maximum lyrical flexibility available within the bounds of musical timing. Rap also allows for more words, so the standards on semantic precision can be kicked up a notch. On the downside, most rap songs do not explore much in the way of melodies, harmonies, dynamics, or even overall song structure, in favor of focusing on the text.


  5. ..
    U You know I'm not really big into Rap City, but I must say Lecrea and Flame really alter my way of the stereotypical view of "Christian Rap Artist" infact…they are now the only Christian rap artist I'll listen too. These guys really take it to another level in wanting revival.



  6. ..
    U Well honestley I've had no interest in the "Christian Rap" realm. One because the music is typically just relgious and sterotypical. I listen to Lecrea once by a friend and I was shocked. The friend's rap was…shall I say interesting, but the Lecrea was awesome. Lecrea and Flame don't fit the mole of "Christian Rap" gospel, discipleship and revival are big in their music. That is unheard of. If there is some rap in my car it's these guys.



  7. If you think Lecrae breaks the mold, you need to listen to Shai Linne. He's something else. And it's a good something else.


  8. @ bbbbattle. I have heard of Flame, but I've never had any of his CDs. I used to listen to Cross Movement and Da Truth quite a bit. Nothing against those guys, but Lecrae and Shai Linne are just on another level to me. I guess Cross Movement's lyrics were a bit corny at times to me because they seemed to thrown random words in at times just because they rhymed. Lecrae doesn't do that, and I'm just amazed at Shai Linne's lyrics.


  9. Cross Movement lyrics are lame. maybe that's why I stopped listening to "Christian rap" in 04.


  10. @ Krystale. Yeah, I suppose they are quite outdone by TobyMac.:)


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