I Am Weary: An Early Morning Rant

I am growing weary of those who call themselves Christians. If I have to hear one more Christian cry about Obama and the undeserving poor who are taking “deserving” people’s precious tax dollars while they themselves are living it up on the world’s pleasures and by their lavish lifestyles are actively neglecting those poor, I really think that I am going to lose it.

I am growing weary of Evangelicals who think the Gospel is a “Get Out of Hell Free” card and that Christ died “to fund their vanity purchase.”* I am sick of Christians who think that they can honor Christ and the Gospel’s demands while they live in a big house with fancy furniture and stainless steel everything and think it is okay just as long as they host “church” functions from time to time.

I am growing weary of Southern Baptists who whine about not having enough money to send out missionaries while they construct multi-million dollar structures on their seminary campuses and church grounds that are ridiculously exorbitant.

I am growing weary of Christians who boast in their salvation as if they saved themselves. No, they do not say anything but that Jesus saved them, but their smug attitudes and their sales pitches of the Gospel demonstrate what they truly believe. “I chose,” “I believed,” “I accepted Jesus as my personal savior,” “I prayed a prayer that’s not biblical,” but “I don’t look any different than I did before I did all that I say I did.”

I am growing weary of Christians who love the world–who love the world with their new cars, their big Christmases, their $102,500 houses, their television shows, and their full work weeks that fund their material gods, just so they can snuff out any hint of desire for Christ and his kingdom.

I am growing weary of “regular” Christians, who think that knowing God is just for seminary students and fanatics, and who stand in the way of those who are trying to live according to the Gospel’s demands because their initiative makes them uncomfortable.

I am growing weary of Pharisees who strain out a gnat and swallow a Camel–who propagate their traditions and neglect the weightier matters of the God’s law.

I am growing weary of Christians that are members of particular church because of the type of music that is played on Sunday mornings, and I am sick of churches that cater to those types of people and lure them with the Sunday morning concerts that they put on.

I am growing weary of myself. I despise myself for my reluctance to sell all that I have for the sake of Christ. I despise myself for not taking up my cross daily. I despise myself for not loving others more than myself. I despise myself for spitting on the cross of Christ every time I walk into my house, watch my big television, and sleep in my plush bed. I despise myself for not glorifying Christ in all that I do and for not obeying his Gospel.

*I had to get in a shout out to Lecrae. Quoted from his song “Got Paper.”

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  1. The rant isn't unusual


  2. Yeah, I've got nothing new.


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