Meditations on Snow & Justification

Being from North Carolina, it is difficult not to love the sight of snow. It is a sight that is seldom seen, and when it sticks it transforms everything on which it falls. Regardless of where the snow lands, be it on the lawns of the wealthy or on the trash heaps of the landfills, everything is made beautiful. It is, in some ways, a perfect picture of the Gospel. For the Gospel, like the snow on divers landscapes, is not a respecter of social class, race, nationality, or political position, and it falls upon God’s dispersed elect and covers them beautifully with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. God’s people, called forth from every tongue and every tribe, from paupers to kings, who are as muddy and filthy as the natural landscape, find themselves fully blanketed with the whiteness of Jesus Christ and, when the clouds give way to clear skies, reflect with blinding radiance the glory of their Father. They who were once dirty are now clean; they who were once dull are now radiant–not by any merit of their own, but because God came near and gave to them his cleanness and his radiance and thereby made them beautiful.

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  1. As an Alabamian, and the snow now a near distant memory, this served as wonderful encouragement this morning. Thanks.


  2. We just had a bit of snow here a couple of days ago. Being a rare thing (as I'm sure you can relate to being in Alabama), it is always a fresh reminder. I could not not write about it this time around.:)


  3. Amen! I'm from North Carolina too, but I'm in college in Virginia, and the 10 inches we got has barely begun to melt. I love it. It reflects such brightness in through my window, I was just thinking this morning how Christians, made white as snow, are to reflect the beauty of Christ to the world.


  4. @Anna.Kelly
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I often wonder how many things in creation (if not all things) were created to reflect particular truths like snow does. We have a magnificent Creator.


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