Quick Thoughts, x. The Love of God: Wellspring of His Self Revelation

In some evangelical circles, there has been a sort of recoiling from the love of God that has come from a response to liberal movements that have distorted the love of God. These have expressed that liberal Christians have overemphasized the love of God above his other attributes, e.g. his wrath, justice, etc. and therefore have neglected the full revelation of God. However, I believe that the love of God in liberal circles has not been overemphasized, but it has rather been twisted and mangled, for how can we overemphasize the love of God? Even in the light of his other attributes—his mercy, his goodness, his wrath, his justice–there are none that are so wonderful as his love. To us God’s revelation of himself always comes through his love, whether it is seen in his mercy and justice as was demonstrated on the Cross or whether it is demonstrated in the judgment of sinners and his wrath against evil. For this reason, the apostle is able to write without apology, “God is love” (1Jn. 4:16), for all things are loving and work to the good of those upon whom God has placed his love and predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son (cf. Rm. 8:28, 29).

Could we with ink the ocean fill,
And were the skies of parchment made,
Were every stalk on earth a quill,
And every man a scribe by trade,
To write the love of God above,
Would drain the ocean dry.
Nor could the scroll contain the whole,
Though stretched from sky to sky.

O love of God, how rich and pure!
How measureless and strong!
It shall forevermore endure
The saints’ and angels’ song (Frederick Lehmen, The Love of God)

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