Just a Thought, i. Baptists and Careless Communion

If you, like me, have grown up a Baptist and have enjoyed the terrible precision with which the ordinance of baptism has been carried out by Baptists, here is for you a bit of food for thought. Ponder for a moment upon that which you have heard from most Baptists regarding baptism: it must be done by immersion, it must be done by a legitimate Baptist church and pastor, it must be done without one holding one’s nose for that would taint the symbolism of death (no joke, I heard that one from a professor last week), etc. Now ponder upon that which you have heard concerning the other ordinance given by our Lord–communion. How is it practiced? Is it practiced with the same precision that baptism is practiced with? Do we commune with each other and the Lord around a real table or as a meal (for it is called the Lord’s Table and the Lord’s Supper)? Do we with our hands break the bread as we quote Christ’s words, “This is my body which is broken for you”? Do we drink with the broken bread the wine which is designed to call to remembrance the power that is in Christ’s blood and which is to lift our thoughts to the new wine that shall be served at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb? No, we do not. We with our precision on one ordinance and our neglect of the other show ourselves to be ignorant and careless in the least and Pharisees and hypocrites at the most. Just a thought.

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  1. amen & amen


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