Just a Thought, ii. Jesus and Alcohol

The religious tendency for some to abstain from the consumption of alcohol is not a new thing and has been done rightly by some (e.g. John the Baptist who vowed not to drink among other things) and wrongly by others (e.g. the Pharisees who did so for the praise of men). And whenever abstinence from alcohol is rightly done, it is always done as a personal decision and not as a corporate demand. Nowadays, however, there is among many Christian circles a corporate demand for alcohol abstinence, and there are seemingly incessant teachings that demonize its use and vilify its user. And those who concoct such doctrines on alcohol and its use, do, like so many other teachers of the church do today, teach their particular personal doctrines without Scriptural warrant and without understanding their doctrine’s ramifications. In the case of the demonizing of alcohol, there are logical ramifications for it regarding the nature of Jesus Christ. First, those who teach against the use of alcohol say that either the consumption of alcohol is always a sin or that it is always unwise, and they deem it so by their own testimony and by their violent demands for its abstinence. Second, it is clear from Scripture that Jesus Christ both drank alcohol (cf. Mt. 11:19) and created alcohol miraculously to be consumed by others (cf. Jn. 2). Third, therefore, since (in spite of lies to the contrary: read further) alcohol was not a necessary evil for the sake of the safe consumption of water, and since Jesus Christ chose both to drink alcohol and to distribute it when he could have chosen not to, Jesus Christ therefore was in the least unwise and at the most a sinner, both of which declare him to be imperfect and therefore demonstrate that he is not God. Just a thought.

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  1. This reminds me of that old alcohol debate on xanga all those years ago. Did you see that one? Lol, I was a firecracker back then ("REAL ULTIMATE SYLLOGISTIC POWER!!!"). It amuses me. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=22306557


  2. Precious memories, how they linger.:) I do remember that. In fact I think I had an AIM convo with that same guy that went on forever on the very same thing. I have it saved somewhere. Next post is a given now: "Jesus and Tobacco." haha.


  3. good things matt brown. we got to keep shedding light on the backwardness/ignorance of those who claim to be christians (at least), and the hypocrisy/modern day pharisee (at the most).

    too many times "christians" deem the standards of men to be more righteous than the standard set by Jesus. And they can actually live with themselves this way. Legalism.

    The answer is so easy in my eyes but i hardly ever see it. It is just to live with/ and by love.


  4. "It is just to live with/ and by love."

    Very true. We just keep redefining what love means to fit ourselves. It is sad.


  5. I just read your Case for Alcohol PDF. Well done. I liked it. Have you read Gentry's "God Gave Wine"? It's funny– he kind of starts out the same way you do in that he says right upfront that he personally doesn't drink. He has some kind of liver condition that prohibits him from drinking alcohol, but even before he knew about his condition, he only had maybe 1 or 2 glasses of wine PER YEAR. Even though it's not necessary to be an abstainer to make a good argument, I really do think it seems to add power to the argument on a level that is more readily taken seriously by the opposition. As you said, you have nothing to lose.

    I also find the common thread of personal experience to be interesting. My grandpa was the same way. He thought alcohol was evil because he used to be an alcoholic. I see this again and again. And then people are like, "Well, maybe wine was okay back then, because it was a cultural thing. But look at all the alcohol abuse and drunkenness today!" And I'm always like, "But wait, do you think people abused alcohol back then? Do you think there were drunkards?" And they say, "Well, I suppose there were. The Bible talks about drunkards, after all." To which I reply, "And do you think Jesus was aware of this when he personally made 120 gallons of OINOS?"


  6. Thank you, sir. You are gentleman and a scholar. I have not read Gentry's treatment of the subject, but I will definitely look it up.

    But you know what the argument would be for the 120 gallons of wine don't you? It would probably be that there was only enough alcohol in the entire 120 gallons to give one man a buzz (aka almost the sin of drunkenness but not quite).


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