A Journey to Unindebtedness: A Journal, Entry 2

It has been three weeks since my last entry in the Journal (thus rendering it not a “journal,” but I digress), and little that is concrete has happened as of yet. However, things (it seems) are being set into motion, and, on the surface, the Lord appears to be paving the way for us to go forward with our plan.

I, my wife, and my father-in-law met with a loan officer at a local bank in Wendell on Thursday, and we applied for a lot loan with them to secure the land that we contracted to buy. We have not heard anything from the bank as of yet (we are expecting to hear something on Monday), and we are praying, as we have been throughout, that the Lord will make his will known to us and that he will close doors where he does not want us to go.

Our acceptance for the loan is rather iffy granting our present high debt-to-income ratio, so it would almost seem to be a special work of God if I and my wife were accepted for the loan on our own. If you would be so kind, you could pray for us, that the funding would come to us, if the Lord so wills.

Another part of plan is seemingly coming about, and it is coming about much more quickly than we would have planned or anticipated. Our primary concern was to secure the land and to take our time to move on it. However, it has come about that the best friend of my father-in-law has a single-wide mobile home that he is selling, and he appears to be wanting simply to get it off of his land. We are going to go take a look at it today, and if it suits our needs, we will practically be able to get it for next to nothing. If that is the case, it is a possibility that (granting that we are able to buy the land) we could have a livable structure on the land within the next couple of months. That is much quicker than the six months to a year that we had originally planned, and if it works out, praise be to God. And if it does not, praise be to God as well.

Therefore, our two immediate concerns are securing the land and this mobile home that we will be looking at today. If both work out, we could have a place to live for less than $20,000, which is far less than we would have ever hoped or dreamed. If you think of it, you can pray for us and our dealings–that God would be glorified in them, that he would work them out as he sees fit, and that we would be content in his will and work. Thanks, and God bless.

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2 replies

  1. Wow, $20,000 is rather good! God will demonstrate His provision one way or another.


  2. Indeed. Just praying for contentment regardless.


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