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  1. Wow, thanks for Sharon (sharin')! My thoughts during the video were:

    1. Praise God for the amazing abundance of resources we have! Let us a) appreciate them by using them eagerly and b) focus on the "good stuff" since our information is pretty superfluous (Ecc 12:11-12, http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=ecc%2….

    2. What can I do for the Christians and lost in other parts of the world beyond the following?:

    a. Pray for them and for the missionaries.

    b. Earn all I can, save all I can, give all I can (in terms of $).

    Do you have any ideas?


  2. b. Earn all I can, save all I can, give all I can (in terms of $).

    That is a novel concept in this day and culture–make more so that you can give more away. And though that certainly is a great thing to do once one has ridden himself of all his debts, I think it is equally well for one to work less so that he might pour more of himself into physical ministry. Of course, either must be accompanied by wisdom and prayer. Thanks for your thoughts, brother.


  3. Indeed, time is a resource, just as money, and is the ultimate limited resource (whereas more material wealth can always be had over time, theoretically).

    Behold, I now rhyme:

    How to balance making

    More money, family time,

    Ministry and more

    Fine uses of time

    Has been on my mind

    For quite some time.


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