How Long, O Lord? — A Prayer

How long, O Lord; how long must I wait for thee?
I have sought thee with my whole heart,
And my heart is wearied by thy pursuit;
I have looked about me, and I see myself alone;
Thy enemies look with contempt upon me,
And those who bear thy name jeer and detest me;
I am a fool to those who hate thee,
And a mad man and a rebel to those who claim allegiance to thee;
All have despised me, and all have desired my ruin;
I am alone.

Thou hast shown to me thy Path,
And hast shown to me its pleasant End,
Yet the path itself is far from pleasant;
Its shadows are filled with enemies–
Foes who are ever grasping at me to pull me off into destruction;
They seize my arm, and I cut it off, and yet they persist;
They catch my gaze, and I gouge my eyes, and yet they persist;
They have twisted thy Word, and they have despised thy Law;
They preach that thou art false, and that thy Promise is feigned;
None has comforted me; none has commended me;
All have turned with hatred and guile upon me,
And all have refused love to me;
I am alone.

And yet, I look upon thy Word, and I see a Man–
A Man who was despised, and whose ruin was sought–
A Man who was hated, and who was beguiled by all–
A Man who none loved or esteemed–
A Man whose closest friend was Grief,
And whose help-mate was Sorrow–
A Man who walked thy Path with perfection to its End,
And who now sits at thine right hand and pleads for me–
A Man who bled so that he might commend me–
A Man who was lonely so that he might comfort me–
A Man who loves me.

Thus, I am not alone;
I am hated and loathed by no man of consequence,
And I am despised and plotted against by the impotent;
No man can separate me from this Man’s love,
For he holds the universe in his hand,
And he rests his feet upon the Nations;
His Joy has made my unpleasant path pleasant,
And he has filled my heart with gladness inexpressible;

Therefore, I shall suffer this path, and suffer it happily,
For my Salvation is near, and my God is at hand;
This life is but a vapor, and Eternity is an ocean,
And this life’s pains bear no comparison to that Glory
Which shall soon be revealed to me;
O Blessed and Glorious thought! Amen.

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7 replies

  1. Beautiful Matthew. Love it! As if I was praying it myself! Thanks!


  2. Thank you.:) It is amazing how my complaining heart is quelled by the thought of Christ. Blessings.


  3. Methinks many Psalms follow a similar pattern, eh?:

    1. Bad things are happening–the psalmist voices his complaint.

    2. The psalmist recalls God's love, power, and faithfulness, the combination of which implies a sure hope.

    3. The psalmist then hopes in God, ending with an optimistic perspective.


  4. Yes, it's true. It's not very original.


  5. But it's unoriginal in a good way. 🙂 G'job.


  6. I particularly appreciate the second verse. Well done sir. Many blessings for your head and face.


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