A Journey to Unindebtedness: Entry 6, Step 1 Complete

It is settled. The first step on our journey to unindebtedness is complete, namely we, with the help of relatives, have closed on a piece of property for a great price just a couple miles from where our church gathers, our family lives, and closer to both our places of employment. God is indeed gracious and good. And thus it has been proven that land can be purchased through Craigslist.:)

The seemingly ironic part of this is that we are actually more in debt now than we were before. Therefore the next step is to figure out how we are going to sell our home in Raleigh so that we can free up our credit to settle onto our newly acquired property. And this step is possibly more complicated than the first, though that did not seem to be the case before we closed on the land.

We were treated to dinner last night by Haley’s parents to celebrate the closing on the land, and we discussed at length what would be our next step. The two options we spoke of then were either, one, sell the house while we still lived in it, trying to keep it clean and free from the smell of dogs (which is nigh onto impossible), or, two, to figure out how to get the funds to buy a trailer and move it to the land and then move there ourselves and sell our house (which also is nigh onto impossible). And so it seemed that we were, as it were, up the creek without a paddle.

Last night laying in bed, it occurred to me that there may be an option that is a hybrid of the two, namely that we, with the hospitality of our relatives, might move out of our house ourselves, taking everything out but our furniture, and move in temporarily with a relative while we sell our house. Doing this, we could keep our home clean while we try to sell it, rid it of its doggy smell, and do so without having to worry about moving our furniture immediately. And by doing so, we would not take up extra living expenses, and we could potentially get our house up on the market quickly and, by God’s grace, be ridden of that burden quickly.

I believe this is the option that we may go with, and you could pray for wisdom for us as we do this. It may not be the way we go, but it seems like the best option at this point. And as such, we may begin setting things into motion immediately, which would help get us more quickly onto our path to unindebtedness. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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