A Journey to Unindebtedness: Entry 7, Bound for the Promise Lane

It has been a solid month-and-a-half since my last update to the Unindebtedness Journal, and many things have, by Grace, happened since that time. The last time I wrote was on September 1, 2009, and that was to report that we, with the help of my most generous in-laws, secured a piece of property on Promise Lane, about a mile from church, closer to work for both Haley and me, closer to our parents, and basically closer to everything except my part-time job and my brother in Christ, Paul Magee.:( We rejoiced over the Lord’s provision in the land’s acquisition, both because of its location, its price, and because of the fact that it was perfect for us in that mobile homes had been put on it in the past and a mobile home was what we were wanting to put on it while we paid off our debts and freed up funds for the sake of grace in generosity.

While that was a huge step in the whole process, we found that it was the first of many huge steps. Our next step from that point was up in the air, because, while mobile homes had been on the property in the past and there is a septic tank on the property, there is no well on the property, because the people who lived on the property before used a well located on an adjacent piece of property. At the time we bought the land, we were unsure of how the family who owns the surrounding properties would respond to our buying the land, and we were pretty convinced in our own minds that they would not allow us to share the well that the lot formerly shared, and, because of that, we would have to have our own well dug before we could do anything else.

Now, having a well dug, including permits and such, runs around five thousand dollars, and giving our present financial situation, we would have to sell our home first before we would have the resources to pay for a well. Going along with that is, obviously, getting the house sold, and then, after getting the house sold, finding a place to stay while we were having the well dug and the mobile home moved and renovated and all the nitty gritty of that. It seemed a daunting and untimely way to go about what we wanted to accomplish, however, it seemed like it would be the way that things would have to happen.

However, before we settle ourselves in that plan, I prayed fervently over the situation and asked that God, by his grace, would let us find favor in the family’s eyes who owned the well and that they would allow us to use it until we had settled in and were able to dig our own. Several weeks ago, I called the lady who pretty much acts as the overseer of all the properties, and, in short, she was very kind and was more than willing to allow us to use their well. Praise God!

Giving that we now had access to both water and septic, we could go ahead and have the mobile home moved before we sold our house so that we could make it ready to move into by the time we did sell our house.

Though the hurdle of the well had been overcome, the hurdle of getting a permit to move the mobile home onto the property through Wake County Permits was a much greater hurdle than I would have ever expected. To make the ordeal brief, after several weeks of calling several different people in the county and speaking to different mobile home movers, measuring boundaries and marking them with orange flags, drawing scaled site plans and paying hundreds of dollars, faxing this and faxing that, and waiting and waiting for several weeks, we finally got the permit to move the mobile home onto the land. And now, through more generosity of my in-laws, we will, Lord willing, be having the mobile home moved onto the land at Promise Lane next Monday, November 23, 2009. It is a very exciting step, and I hope that you will pray for us that everything goes well with the move. May God be glorified! Amen.

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  1. Praise the Lord! It's great to hear that it is all coming together. Thanks for keeping us updated!


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