We Don’t Need Group Therapy; We Need Conviction

In my short life I have been a part of a few accountability groups and have witnessed a few in action, and I also have witnessed others confess things before the church seeking help with particular sins and weaknesses. And unfortunately, the way that confessed sin is oftentimes addressed is not with disgust and loving rebuke, but it is with an impotent sympathy that does more to ease the conscience of the confessor than it does to address the problem which he confessed. And I am not guiltless of this. I have had brothers confide struggles with me, and I have neglected their sin by assuring them that we all struggle with similar sins. What I should have done (and what we should do) is, even if we can sympathize with their struggle, address their sin in such a way that they would want to be rid of it, not so that they would feel better about themselves in their sinning.

For in addressing sin in this way, we are actually doing more harm than good, for instead of nurturing a public sort of conviction for the confessor so that he would be all the more diligent in the mortification of his sin, we downplay the seriousness of his sin and weaken the conviction that he has by our supposed sympathy. And while we might understand certain struggles and while we might share the same struggles, we should be wholeheartedly committed to the destruction of those sins rather than edifying a brother or sister with false edification.

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  1. You know its interesting that I decided to read this one. I have often thought to myself…"If you hate the sin, rid of the sin", but then one thing I have noticed as well; there are ties that can't always be easily detached such as the "influence" of which the sin originates from, whether directly or indirectly. So what am I saying? I'm saying today as you read this, 3 times I've gone over in my head how to "rid of sin" according to scripture. I should say I know exactly what to do, if I am who I proclaim to be, His word is written on my heart to live by. The process in my case, isn't going to be easy for the simple fact that it involves other people who have over time become part of my sins quarrels. However, "not easy" meaning who ever is on the other end won't understand why there was a sudden change in behavior. For me its as simple as this "rid the sin". The emotion or feeling, and the thought of the other people involved is part of the quarrels to keep me attached to the sin. I'm not heartless or cold, but bound by conviction to rid of sin…which includes those people. Great Post. I'll follow you on my blogger. 😀


  2. Thanks for sharing that.:-) I think we all can sympathize.


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