Christians and the Political and Religious Unrest of Glenn Beck

In writing this, I find myself standing in the middle of a conflict that has been raging for decades that has found perhaps its most covered expression in recent history in Glenn Beck’s call to “revival” this past weekend in Washington. And from what I have gathered, those who have participated in this call to some sort of spiritual revival in our country claim not to have done so for the sake of politics, but they have done so in order to recover our country’s supposed Christian / godly roots.

On the one hand, it is hard not to sympathize with such a call, for the generation in which we live is quite arguably the most overtly godless one our country has ever had. And while it can certainly be argued that this country has been filled with ungodly people throughout its short history, never have we seen such a commitment by its citizens to delight in that which is so contrary to the law of God, be it social injustice, the parading of homosexuality, idolatry, etc. It seems as though something must be done, and there are obviously people who are attempting to do “something” about it.

And while it tempting to laud such attempts, as a Christian—as one who stands by faith in Jesus Christ and beside the testimonies of Scripture—the way this call to revival is being handled by those who call themselves Christians is showing itself not to be the cure for America’s ills, but it is showing itself to be a symptom of the political cancer that has ridden the American church for far too long.

And the greatest indication of this is the unabashed rally by Evangelical Christians behind a man who unashamedly practices Mormonism—a cultic religion that shares nothing with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. And while Glenn Beck might understand morality, and while he might rightly preach that abortion and homosexuality are evil, he nevertheless has no solution for the sin that so entangles America’s citizens. And despite this, Evangelicals are singing his praises, because he has a conscience, is conservative, and is willing to stand against immorality.

All of this is a telling symptom of the political cancer of the American church because in the rallying of professing Christians behind a Mormon they demonstrate that the state of America is of greater importance than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These show that their greatest love is not the Savior who spilt his blood on their behalf, but it is the recapturing of the dim glory of America. These have shown that they are far more concerned with the preservation of the dying American dynasty and the American way of life than they are with eternal Kingdom of God.

Ironically, this desperate alliance of Evangelicals with cultic religions that acknowledge that a god exists will in the end usher in the immorality they are attempting to dispel. And while things might appear to get better under such a godless alliance, it will merely be a bandage of idolatrous morality over the cancer of sin that plagues this country. And by allying ourselves with moral people who do not have the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that we might bind America’s citizens with a law that will never lead to righteousness, we forfeit the only Remedy for unrighteousness—the Gospel.

It is high time that we as Christians abandon this Christless charade of ours. We must choose this day whom we will serve—will it be God in Christ or will be America? Will we consider ourselves aliens and sojourners in this land and citizens of Heaven, or will we rest our security here and neglect the Lord who bought us? There is now no middle ground.

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  1. Wow, thank you for thinking and then writing your thoughts on this. While I along with so many others, appreciate Glenn Beck's conservative convictions. I have a problem with so many flocking to him, but then I am a lady who has a problem with Rick Warren and he is an evangelical "christian". But, back to your points. About 5 months ago while in our small group at church all they were and I am sure still do talk about was the political state of America. Obama bashing and the like. I was there to hear the Word of God and discuss what we had studied and prepared for..God's Word. Well, one very outspoken man just kept going on and on about politics…I could take no more…I simply but boldly stated, "Politics will not SAVE the world and will not fix all our problems, Christ is the only ONE who can save us and fix our biggest problem, sin"; I went on to say, "I believe there are some well meaning "christians" who have made politics their God". He was not happy w/my comment at all. He was in fact disgusted. I think he wanted to slap me. While I believe we should exercise our "right" to vote and respect America's freedom and the BLOOD that was shed during battle after battle and war after war to ensure our freedoms. Our most precious freedom comes from Christ Jesus and NO ONE can take that freedom away.

    Sorry to be so long. I am not "unpatriotic", just have a bigger kingdom in the forefront of my heart and mind. When you speak such things Christians are your worst enemies. They nash their teeth together and look at you like you are an alien w/two heads! I pray America stays "the land of the free and the home of the brave"; I don't see that happening, but then, I'm not God. But, I am with you in your thinking, I am called by God through faith Jesus Christ to pledge my allegiance in My Savior. Long live the KING!


  2. Amen! And thank you for sharing that. 🙂 Sadly, I can imagine the very thing that happened to you happening in any church in our country. It seems that we have forgotten that we are first of all sojourners and aliens in this world, and we, as you well put it, pledge allegiance to a different King. Thanks again. 🙂 Grace and peace.


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