Ergun Caner’s Triumphant Return and Two-Faced Christian Politics

Well, it was presumptuous of me to think that the whole Ergun Caner debacle would have come to a halt after the overwhelming influx of data concerning his imaginary childhood that was used to elevate his name after 9/11 and the consequent damning demotion of him from the president of Liberty University’s seminary to whatever he is now.ergun caner
Well, against all odds, he’s back, and from what I can tell, he’s the same man that he was prior to his demotion minus the title of seminary president. My latest glimpse of that other lying Southern Baptist (other than Bill Clinton, that is) came in his address to the “Voter’s Value Summit,” which was broadcasted nationally on C-SPAN, which you can imagine, consisted of a group of conservative, political types who would have made the late Jerry Falwell proud.

And this is to say nothing of conservative politics, because if you were to prick me, you would likely find that my tendency is toward the more conservative of the political scale. What it is to say is that a politician is a politician, a Christian politician is a politician, and the political battle, insofar as this country is concerned, has always been an “ends justify the means” battle. The battle has always been to win the hearts of the voters, and if that means contradicting one’s self, letting moral ambiguity slide, attacking opponents on matters that they fall short on themselves, well, the more the merrier.

The fact is Republican politicians (granting a theoretical exception) are hypocrites just as Democrat politicians are hypocrites. All put on a moral facade that is designed to please the moral persuasion of the watching public, but when it comes down to the reality behind those facades, the facade is exposed for what it is. Notice that Ergun Caner was speaking to the "Voter’s Value Summit.” One can presume that its goal is to bring America back to the values upon which it was supposedly founded, or as Caner puts it, “We are all Christians.”

But exactly what values are they seeking to promote? Well, it certainly isn’t Christian values because they chose to invite an impenitent liar and fabricator to the speak to them, viz. Ergun Caner. These the same people who crucified Bill Clinton because of his lie and demanded his impeachment now cheer a man whose name and career is built upon lies. Whether it’s his make-believe adolescence training in Jihad, his false claims to debates with Muslim leaders, his gibberish that sounded like Arabic to English-speaking audiences—whatever it is, these propagators of morals and values are propagators when it is convenient, not because they are moral people. Well, maybe some are and are ignorant of Caner, but nevertheless the reality has been demonstrated in scandal after scandal elsewhere.

My problem chiefly isn’t with the Republican party, the Democratic party, or what have you, but it is with those who profess the name of Christ and yet are willing to stand behind these politicians zealously. And I’m not speaking of the pro-life voter who votes Republican with the single hope that by God’s grace abortion will be outlawed in his lifetime, but I’m speaking of the Conservative Christian voting block that grants allowance to an immoral man simply because he “says the right things.” Ergun Caner has for years made a mockery of the church by his terrible theology, his crude humor, and his over-the-top zealotry for prominence. And if that were not enough, the way that he deemed it best to pursue his prominence was through a tale of a radical conversion from violent Islam (an inconsistent one at that), not the less thrilling truth. Furthermore, the man was caught in his lies, exposed in them, lost his position because of them, yet he has never repented or admitted any wrongdoing. Instead, he turned upon those who exposed him and blamed them!

All this is to say that I am sick of seeing Ergun Caner’s face associated with those who believe the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m sick of those who blind themselves to the truths behind who he really is for the sake of gaining something that has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God. How long will this go on? How long will Ergun Caner not be made responsible for his overtly public sins? How far are we going to let this go? It needs to stop now, and Caner needs to be ostracized, because if he rises to prominence again, I promise you that the world will not be so blind as we are, and the tale of Ergun Caner will become another nationally broadcasted spit upon the face of Jesus Christ.

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