When Good Becomes Evil: Thoughts on the Erosion of the American Conscience

I have thought the thought before, but the reality of it sank in when I listened to Al Mohler say it when responding to a question, namely, that we are living in day where, for the first time in our lives and almost surely in American history, Christian morality is no longer esteemed as moral (even if it wasn’t followed by those who esteemed it) but is becoming viewed as immoral and reviled. If you’re a Christian and the gravity of this reality hasn’t struck you, meditate on that which you hold dear, namely Christ and that which he approves, and that the culture around you is not merely rejecting Christian morality or labeling it with names to ease its conscience, but it is genuinely coming to believe that Christian morality is immoral, wicked, and evil.

And while this belief hasn’t totally permeated the culture at this point, if the present rate of change in the perception of morality persists, it is only a matter of letting time run its short course. Considering that only a little over a decade ago homosexuality was generally viewed as an abomination to now where it is not only accepted but lauded, Christianity’s stint as a respectable or even tolerable religion in America is drawing quickly to a close.

It is of little doubt that being a Christian in this country is going to become a lot less comfortable in the not-so-distant future, but far more more grievous than that is imagining the day when our Lord’s Name will be universally dragged through the mud and crosses and fish will be as despised as swastikas. May the Lord grant us the grace to walk as pilgrims now and in that day.

Categories: Theology

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