Sonnet III – Upon the Birthday of My Wife

This was written for Haley on her 30th birthday and still proves itself true on her 31st:

Ever against the chains of time and decay
Wrestle all, be they the young or the old;
Yet ‘spite their schemes to stall and delay,
Each bears her Winter—her green to spent gold;

For most their fight is just, and yet still Age
Foils them, changing beauty for remembrance
And strife for vanity, ne’er to assuage
The Curse of their Parents’ intemperance;

But you, my dear, are of a different kind,
Whose time here foreshadows the Age To Be—
From good to glorious as the aging of wine,
Thus steeps and grows the Grace of your beauty;

As the delight of Spring relents to the glory of Fall,
So too do you, my love, grow more lovely withal.

Categories: Theology

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