A Plea for Forgiveness: An Overdue Evaluation of a Jerk

This blog site entitled, “Faith for Faith,” professes that its sole purpose is to be “Dedicated to the Righteousness that comes from God alone,” and perhaps it does tend to that end to certain extent, theologically speaking. Yet, I was prompted to go back and look through the posts that were written under that guise throughout the years (dating back to 2008 I believe), and my own feeling as I was scrolling through the pages of posts (half of which I don’t remember writing) is that the guy who wrote these articles is a pompous jerk whose knowledge is less than that which he actually writes. He’s judgmental, arrogant, vindictive, rude, and a host of other labels that are not fit for children’s ears.

I am ashamed to look back on a number of things that I have written, because I know better than anyone (apart from God) the heart under which they were written. There are some things that are written on this site that I now no longer agree with, and there are some that I still agree with, but the motivation, language, and the heart behind them contradict the Spirit of Christ. Knowledge puffs up many who acquire it, and I am the chief example, even after acquiring but little.

I have chosen to confess this publicly and to ask forgiveness for it publicly because these writings were posted publicly. And these writings will remain posted publicly because the sin was committed publicly and nailed to our Lord Jesus Christ publicly. I apologize to any who were wrongly offended by anything that has been written on this site, and I apologize to those who offered up criticism in the past that I arrogantly ignored. Henceforth, I commit to God and to you that nothing new will be posted to this site that has not gone through the filters of love and conscience so that it will truly be a site that is dedicated to the Righteousness that comes from God alone, as far as a sinful man can judge. May God have mercy on me.

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