How Long, Oh Lord?

How long must I wait O Lord?
For faith to be sight
Your face, my vindication
Glorious sensation of sin’s cessation
My final emancipation
The Universe’s grand anticipation

I’m weary from the arguments
The contestations of arm chair philosophers
Their pontifications and rationalizations
Springing forth doubt in the author of Creation
Like the bloody river of death
In the plain of the brick masons

Slaves to sinners,
They called upon their Creator
Longing for the strong arm of Salvation
And liberty from the unholy nation
When freedom is at stake
Who would want to be patient?

Hail to Caesar of Rome
Civilized rule but gladiatorial entertainment
Same ol’ same ol’ babylonian captivation
But there is a light, a star on the horizon
An announcement for kings and shepherds
The Christ at last has come

But wait, he’s gone
To a grave he was taken
The veil was torn, but the stone was rolled
And he is behind it, decay and decomposition
No, he left death in his grave
The Life and the Resurrection

But wait, he’s gone
This time in ascension
To the right hand of the father making intercession
I’m left behind, a foreigner in an alien civilization
Awaiting my final emancipation
My grand anticipation, the restoration

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