Sonnet IV: To My Son

“My son”—the very words fall strange on me,
As if this were a dream from which I’ll wake—
A fogged Hope where a mere pinch would unmake
All faith in my fading paternity;
I wake, yet you stay, but fear seizes me—
Not fear for your health, but aft’r me you’d take,
And walk as I walked—mistake upon mistake—
Thus bound a fool, not in wisdom be free;

So do as I say, son, not as I’ve done:
Bind yourself to wisdom, let her be your bride;
Fear God, love Christ, yoke yourself to his Wife;
For it’s best you’d be Father’s not father’s son
And so avoid my wretchedness and pride,
For in Him alone you’ll find your Joy and Life.

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  1. This is a beautiful sonnet Matt. Your son is most blessed to have you as his father. I know you will lead him down paths of righteousness. I too, am very blessed to have such a special son-in-law. Love you!


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