Our Purpose

A lot has changed recently here at Faith for Faith, and the look of the site is just the tip of the figurative iceberg. Over the past several weeks, Faith for Faith has been transitioning from sparsely-updated, individually-authored blog to a frequently-updated, multi-authored one. There are several reasons for this change, but up to this point the reasons have only been talked about internally and, even then, not in a very systematic fashion. So as to benefit ourselves and those who graciously and faithfully follow the site, below is the purpose for Faith for Faith’s existence:

The Chief End
The Westminster Shorter Catechism states concerning man, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.” We here echo that sentiment, so much so that we would say, “The chief end of Faith for Faith is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.” Now, it is abundantly apparent that Faith for Faith is a temporal institution, and being such it will not exist forever nor have the capacity to enjoy God. The reason for including that phrase is a reminder to us that what we build here—whether it be great or small, effective or ineffective (by worldly standards), etc.—that what we build is never our chief end or highest goal. Faith for Faith is a means to that End, not the end itself. So then we would better say, “Faith for Faith exists to glorify God and to move ourselves and others to enjoy God now and ultimately forever.”

Faith for Faith exists to glorify God and to move ourselves and others to enjoy God now and ultimately forever.

How Do We Glorify God?
It is relatively easy to say that we exist to glorify God, but the how is the harder part. How does Faith for Faith, a blog among throngs of blogs, glorify God in our little nook of the internet?

1. Faith for Faith seeks to glorify God by putting to use the talents and abilities given to each of us. Each person who writes for this site has the desire and ability to communicate the truths of God in written form that is both edifying to the Church and seeks to honor God. Now some may seek to argue about the degree of ability of some or all of us, but that is not the point. Just as in the Parable of the Talents where our Lord teaches that his servants were given a stewardship in differing degrees, so here we likewise have all been given a stewardship, and all that our Master asks us to do is be faithful. Therefore we seek here to be faithful with what has been entrusted to us. If we have only one talent while other blogs have ten, we will strive to faithful with the one that we have so that when our Master returns he shall have what is his plus a profit.

2. Faith for Faith seeks to glorify God by loving his Church. God gives his people gifts for a reason, and those gifts are also a called a “stewardship” for a reason. If we have the ability to write, the end of that ability is not writing itself, but it is to love others through it. Our desires and abilities here lend themselves chiefly to the edification of Church, whether it be through encouragement, the teaching of doctrine, defending her against false teachers, etc. And we seek to do this by, first, being submissive and edifying to our local churches, and, second, by edifying the Church Universal that is within our reach.

3. Faith for Faith seeks to glorify God by loving those outside the Church. Though our chief focus here at Faith for Faith is the Church and her edification, we are also mindful that there are sheep outside of the fold that must be brought in (cf. John 10:16). Though we will never compromise on truth and doctrine, we do however strive to write in such a way that does not deter non-believers beyond the deterrent inherent in the doctrine. In other words, we do not want to offend beyond the offense of the doctrine. Though we have and will fail in this regard, our aim is always to be winsome without compromise.

Our aim is always to be winsome without compromise.

How Do We Accomplish This, Practically?
The way blogs and other websites are generally considered “effective” is through content and traffic, and it is generally content that drives traffic. Though traffic is not our primary concern, it is a viable and necessary concern. Just as the man who preaches in the desert (well, apart from John the Baptist) generally doesn’t get as much traffic and is less effective than the man who preaches in the city, so likewise the effectiveness of our writing is generally gaged by the traffic to our site and to individual posts. Though we can never weigh out how God uses our work at individual levels, our general goal is not to be preaching in the desert but in the city.

Therefore, we strive to increase traffic or “outreach” through social media and word of mouth. The Faith for Faith Facebook and Twitter pages are among the ways we seek to do this. We also seek to drive traffic by making our website as easy to use and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. And we do all this with the chief aim of glorifying God through this outreach, though all the while repenting when pride comes into play.

Though this is certainly not an exhaustive exposition of our aims here at Faith for Faith, I hope that it at least gives you a better sense of what we’re about. If wish to help us in this, please share this site or invite your friends to follow us on Facebook. Also, if this site echoes your sentiments and you feel like you could be a contributor to the site, contact us by clicking the link at the top of the page. While we are discriminate with what goes on this site, we also want to encourage the giftedness of others for the sake of building up the Church.

May God alone be glorified in this work. Matt

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